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The year is 2003. Two ordinary dudes, below average in height, with a pocket full of cash (all in $1’s) & a whale of a dream decided that 17 years of slingin’ tacos & tequila together should be turned into a lifelong gig. The idea was to build a better mousetrap or, in this case, a better Sonoran-style Mexican Restaurant – a place with food to remember, where different was good. So, Fernando & Tim called in all favors &, with the help of the Larson Family, made their dreams come true & opened up Nando’s Mexican Café (“Store One”) in Gilbert, AZ.

From the traditional family recipes shared with Nando by both his step-dad, Alfred (may he rest in peace and tacos), & his Mom (Nana), to the design of the restaurant – Nando’s has strived for 15 years to become your local family joint. To this day, many of our original Nando’s employees remain with us & have become “Our Nando’s Family” – truly making Family Our Main Ingredient.

The year is 2009. The two nut jobs decide to open a second restaurant during the biggest recession since the Great Depression. Brilliant thinking. They bring in Sean – a taller, skinny white dude with a knack for numbers & a talent for pacing, to open the infamous “Store Two” in Mesa, AZ.

Luckily, by providing a product with “a bang for your buck” & countless prayers, they were able to make it through the tough times and Sean, the numbers guy, managed to show these two ordinary dudes they could open up “Store Three” in Chandler, AZ in 2012.

After convincing the entire staff they love to put miles on their vehicles & drive in circles, they decided to add “Store Four” – set to open in 2019, out towards the state line…also known in the present day as Queen Creek, AZ.

The year is 2018. Our Story – started 15 years ago with a No. 2 Ticonderoga & is finally being completed with an iPhone X. Technology has changed, but Nando’s commitment to quality food & superior service in a comfortable atmosphere has remained the same.

Locally owned & operated (unless we sell), we want Nando’s to be the restaurant your family visits to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, & the like. We do everything possible to incorporate & support the local community, which is often. From our craft beer selection, tortillas, meats, & produce to fundraising & volunteering, we are always looking for more ways to support our local community! In the words of long-time employee Roberto Garnica, “Thank you for your cooperation.”

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